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Epic Games, Inc
Trustable Ranking IconΈμπιστο
Android Version Icon8.1.0+
Έκδοση Android
30.10.0-34184790-Android(13-06-2024)Τελευταία έκδοση
(6567 Αξιολογήσεις)
Age ratingPEGI-12

Περιγραφή του Fortnite

Fortnite is a battle royale game for Android on which up to 100 players parachute in a remote island to gear up, fight each other and prove they’ve got the necessary skills to be the last man standing. Fortnite is free to download in Android devices and offers and a truly cross-platform experience, since it’s available for PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC, MAC and even Nintendo Switch! There are many reasons for Fortnite to have taken the world by storm since it was released in 2017, including amazing graphics created by the well-known technology Unreal Engine, an unprecedent Creative Mode or the constant in-game events that will always make the gaming experience feel like new every day! 

The gameplay in battle royale is common to all of us: a number of players meet in an island that’s getting smaller as time passes by with the only goal of defeating the rest of the players and being the only survivor. The good thing you’ll notice after you download Fortnite in your Android device is the variety of game modes available. You can play online with random players from other parts of the world, or you can play with friends in one of the several default game modes Fortnite offers: solo, duos and squads. The first one is the well-known “you against the world”. In the duos game mode, teams composed by 2 players will face each other, while in the squads mode things get a bit more complex and teams of up to 4 players will play together at once. 

Your first goal once landing in a Fortnite game will be gearing up. Initially you’ll only have a harvesting tool, you move around, explore and open the crates you find to obtain different items, including the most amazing weapons, shields and useful items that you’ll find handy to stay alive. 

Among all the battle royales you can download in Android these days, Fortnite stands out for many reasons, and character customization is one of those. In Fortnite your looks can truly say who you are (and what are you capable of), since you can change your outfits, skins and looks as you wish with an incredibly massive number of options in the Fortnite in-app store. With your unique harvesting tool and a very colorful glider you’ll stand out from the crowd for sure! On top of that, Fortnite also allows you to customize your emotes so your character will celebrate your victories with your favorite dance. 

Another important reason to download and install Fortnite in your Android device is that we’re talking about a battle royale that allows to get creative... for real! The items you harvest after parachuting in the island can be used to build structures like walls or.... massive buildings. The possibilities are endless with a lot of types of walls, floors, stairs or roofs.  

The graphics in Fortnite are full of details and textures, and this is thanks to the best technology in terms of visuals out there: Unreal Engine. You’ll find very realistic textures everywhere, and the moves and animations of characters are extreme real. Although this technology has been initially developed to be used in the gaming world, it’s made its way to super famous sci-fi productions like The Mandalorian! Combined with immersive sounds effects, Fortnite is the realistic experience you were looking for! 

Fortnite is not only about killing the other characters and staying alive; Epic Games offers a wide variety of events and weekly challenges to level up your characters and unlock a lot of different items, including the latest outfits and accessories! 

Ready for the ultimate battle royale adventure? If you’re looking for the best graphics out there, a wide variety of game modes and constant events, challenges and updates, download Fortnite now in your Android device and show ‘em who rules in the island! 

Fortnite - Έκδοση 30.10.0-34184790-Android

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Fortnite - Πληροφορίες APK

Έκδοση APK: 30.10.0-34184790-AndroidΠακέτο: com.epicgames.fortnite
Συμβατότητα Android: 8.1.0+ (Oreo)
Προγραμματιστής:Epic Games, IncΔικαιώματα:18
Όνομα: FortniteΜέγεθος: 256 MBΛήψεις: 2.5MΈκδοση : 30.10.0-34184790-AndroidΗμερομηνία Κυκλοφορίας: 2024-06-13 09:01:20Ελάχιστη Οθόνη: SMALLΥποστηριζόμενα CPU: arm64-v8a
Αναγνωριστικό Πακέτου: com.epicgames.fortniteΥπογραφή SHA1: 9F:09:41:6D:C4:17:59:9E:63:81:04:22:11:B7:96:40:1F:E2:16:98Προγραμματιστής (CN): UnknownΟργανισμός (O): UnknownΤοποθεσία (L): UnknownΧώρα (C): UnknownΠολιτεία/Πόλη (ST): Unknown

Τελευταία έκδοση του Fortnite

30.10.0-34184790-AndroidTrust Icon Versions
2.5M λήψεις256 MB Μέγεθος

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2.5M λήψεις244.5 MB Μέγεθος
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29.40.0-33502036-AndroidTrust Icon Versions
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2.5M λήψεις197.5 MB Μέγεθος

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